Bathtub, collapsible1520 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Bedroll05 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Blanket03 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Chair, folding210 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Ladder, folding216 lbs.PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Cot130 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Hammock03 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Soap01/2 lb.PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Tent, small1020 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Tent, medium1530 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Tent, large3040 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Tent, pavilion10050 lbs.1PZO1123Comfort and Shelter
Tent, hanging2015 lbs.PZO1121Comfort and Shelter
Fishhook0-PZO1123Hunting and Fishing
Net, bell22 lbs.PZO1123Hunting and Fishing
Net, butterfly52 lbs.1PZO1123Hunting and Fishing
Netting, camouflage205 lbs.PZO1123Hunting and Fishing
Net, fishing45 lbs.PZO1123Hunting and Fishing
Scent cloak202 lbs./20PPZO9410Hunting and Fishing
Trap, bear, hunting210 lbs.PPZO9410Hunting and Fishing
Animal-repellent sack11/2 lb.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Backpack, carrier255 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Backpack, hydration404 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Backpack, weaponrack255 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Cooler chest2560 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Camouflaged canvas11 lb.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Duo saw10020 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Efficient tent15015 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Field survival guide201 lb.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Goblin fishing lure5-PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Hunter's stand2515 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Insulated flask01 lb.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Nature climbing harness604 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Privacy shelter510 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Silent piton01/2 lb.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Stretch cords01/2 lb.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Tent cover1515 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Trekking pole152 lbs.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Windup music box251/2 lb.PZO1140Misc. Outdoors Gear
Air bladder01/2 lb.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Animal glue01/2 lb.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Bell1-PZO1110Misc. Outdoors Gear
Buoy, common016 lbs.PZO1110Misc. Outdoors Gear
Buoy, superior1030 lbs.PZO1110Misc. Outdoors Gear
Compass101/2 lb.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Heatstone201 lb.ISWGMisc. Outdoors Gear
Map502 lbs.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Mirror, small steel101/2 lb.PZO1110Misc. Outdoors Gear
Rope, hemp (50 ft.)110 lbs.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Rope, bloodvine2005 lbs.ACGMisc. Outdoors Gear
Rope, silk (50 ft.)105 lbs.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Rope, spider's silk (50 ft.)1004 lbs.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Star Charts2001/2 lb.PZO1121Misc. Outdoors Gear
String or twine (50 ft.)01/2 lb.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Horn, powder31 lb.PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Horn, signal12 lbs.1PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Whistle, beast5-FFMisc. Outdoors Gear
Whistle, signal0-PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Whistle, silent0-PZO1123Misc. Outdoors Gear
Candle, helmet24 lbsPZO1123Illuminations
Candle, insectbane-1?Illuminations
Candle lamp51 lb.PZO1123Illuminations
Candlestick01/2 lb.PZO1123Illuminations
Darkflare1-Faction GuideIlluminations
Firewood (per day)020 lbs.PZO1123Illuminations
Lamp01 lb.PZO1123Illuminations
Lamp, celestial3002 lbs.PZO1121Illuminations
Lantern, bullseye123 lbs.PZO1123Illuminations
Lantern, darklight203 lbs.PZO1121Illuminations
Lantern, hooded72 lbs.PZO1123Illuminations
Lantern, miner's152 lbs.PCS:PSFGIlluminations
Lantern, waterproof-1-PZO1123Illuminations
Moonrod101 lb.PZO1121Illuminations
Oil, Lamp01 lb.PZO1121Illuminations
Sunrod21 lb.PZO1110Illuminations
Thurible503 lbs.PZO1123Illuminations
Torch01 lb.PZO1123Illuminations
Torch, everburning1101 lb.PZO1123Illuminations
Absinthe (glass or bottle)-1- (glass) 1-1/2 lbs. (bottle)PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Ale, cheap08 lbs.PZO1110Beverages (Alcoholic)
Ale01 lb.PZO1110Beverages (Alcoholic)
Ale, Dwarven Stout01/2 lb.PPZO9410Beverages (Alcoholic)
Ale, Luglurch1PPC:HalflingsBeverages (Alcoholic)
Ale, Luglurch, cheap0PPC:HalflingsBeverages (Alcoholic)
Applejack08 lbs.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Applejack. cheap01 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Baijiu102 lbs.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Bufo12 lbs.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Cauim12 lbs.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Godsbrew01/2 lb.PPZO9410Beverages (Alcoholic)
Grog (mug - PPZO9410; cup- PoIS)-11/2 lb. (PPZO9410) 1 lb. (PoIS)PPZO9410/PoISBeverages (Alcoholic)
Kumis01-1/2 lbs.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Mead (mug)01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Mead (gallon)28 lbs.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Mead, linnorm01/2 lb.PPZO9410Beverages (Alcoholic)
Mead, wasp4002 lbs.PPC:MMBeverages (Alcoholic)
Pulque01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Rumboozle01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Tepache01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Whiskey, Dragon Punch10PPC:HalflingsBeverages (Alcoholic)
Whiskey, Oldlaw-1PPZO9410Beverages (Alcoholic)
Wine, common06 lbs.PZO1110Beverages (Alcoholic)
Wine, fine101-1/2 lbs.PZO1110Beverages (Alcoholic)
Wine, Sangwine2002 lbs.PPC:MMBeverages (Alcoholic)
Wine, sealord151/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Alcoholic)
Coffee, common01/2 lb.PPZO9410Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Coffee, exotic01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Coffee, desert01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Coffee, dragon's blend1-PPC:MMBeverages (Nonalcoholic)
Coffee, hybrid1-PPC:MMBeverages (Nonalcoholic)
Coffee, marching1-PPC:MMBeverages (Nonalcoholic)
Milk01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Milk, powdered01 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Tea01/2 lb.PZO1123Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Tea, ceremonial01/2 lb.PPZO9410Beverages (Nonalcoholic)
Tonic, medicinal10PPC:HalflingsBeverages (Nonalcoholic)
Bread01/2 lb.PZO1110Foods
Cheese01/2 lb.PZO1123Foods
Chocolate51/2 lb.PZO1123Foods
Fortune cookie0-PZO1123Foods
Haggis01-1/2 lbs.PZO1123Foods
Honey11/2 lb.PZO1123Foods
Ice cream0-PZO1123Foods
Maple syrup11/2 lb.PZO1123Foods
Meal, banquet10-PZO1110Foods
Meal, good0-PZO1110Foods
Meal, common0-PZO1110Foods
Meal, poor0-PZO1110Foods
Meat01/2 lb.PZO1110Foods
Meat, street01/2 lb.PZO1123Foods
Rations, trail01 lb.*PZO1123Foods
Rations, Dwarven trail21-1/2 lbs.*PZO1123Foods
Rations, Elven trail21 lb.*PZO1123Foods
Rations, Gnome trail21 lb. *PZO1123Foods
Rations, Halfling trail21/2 lb.*PZO1123Foods
Rations, Orc trail11 lb.*PZO1123Foods
Rations, Wandermeal (per serving)01/2 lb.PPZO9410Foods
Travel cake mix01 lb.PZO1123Foods
Yogurt01/2 lb.PZO1123Foods
Chausses13 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Corset-13 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Dancer's Garb1005 lbs.PPZO94102Outfits
Dancer's Garb, Silver2005 lbs.PPZO94102Outfits
Gambeson14 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Outfit, Artisan's14 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Burglar's55 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Outfit, Cold-Weather87 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, cold-weather (animal companion)156 lbs.PZO1140Outfits
Outfit, Courtesan's84 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Outfit, Courtier's306 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Dilettante's208 lbs.PZO1121Outfits
Outfit, Doctor's1506 lbs.PZO9410Outfits
Outfit, Entertainer's34 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Executioner's58 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Outfit, Explorer's108 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Flame-Retardant5010 lbs.PZO1140Outfits
Outfit, Hot Weather84 lbs.PZO1115Outfits
Outfit, Monk's52 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Noble's7510 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Peasant's02 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Pickpocket's53 lbs.1PZO9410Outfits
Outfit, Royal20015 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Scholar's56 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Outfit, Squire's58 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Outfit, Sun Sensitivity3005 lbs.PRG:TWoVHDOutfits
Outfit, Traveler's15 lbs.1PZO1110Outfits
Shinobi shozoku502 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Silk kimono2005 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Soldier's uniform15 lbs.PZO1123Outfits
Sparring gear315 lbs.*PPZO94102Outfits
Suit, diving102 lbs.PZO1123Outfits
Swarmsuit2010 lbs.PZO1110Outfits
Tear-Away Clothing-1varies1PZO9410Outfits
Boots, stiletto101 lb.*PPZO94102Footwear
Boots, fire-resistant202 lbs.PZO1123Footwear
Boots, softpaw251 lb.PZO1121Footwear
Cleats52 lbs.PZO1115Footwear
Cushion inserts0-PZO1140Footwear
Skates, ice12 lbs.PZO1123Footwear
Skis520 lbs.PZO1123Footwear
Snowshoes54 lbs.1PZO1115Footwear
Cape, Billow1004 lbs.PZO1121Face, Head and Neck
Eyeglasses5-PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Eye patch0-PoISFace, Head and Neck
Goggles, Gloom Sight200-PZO1121Face, Head and Neck
Goggles, Smoked10-PZO1115Face, Head and Neck
Hat-11/2 to 2 lbs.PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Mask-11 lb.1PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Mask, Battle502 lbs.PZO1121Face, Head and Neck
Mask, Doctor's502 lbs.PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Mask, Monster-11 lb.PZO1123Face, Head and Neck
Neck Guard101/4 lb.PZO1121Face, Head and Neck
Scarf-11/2 lb.1PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Scarf, filter5-PZO1140Face, Head and Neck
Scarf, head-1-PPZO94102Face, Head and Neck
Scarf, pocketed81/2 lbs.1PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Scarf, reinforced101 lb.1PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Wig-11/2 to 4 lbs.1PZO9410Face, Head and Neck
Cloak, Patchwork51/2 lb.PZO1123Bodywear
Cloak, Reversible-11 lb.PZO1123Bodywear
Cloak, Wing12001 lb.PZO1121Bodywear
Furs125 lbs.1PZO1115Bodywear
Kilt01 lb.PZO1123Bodywear
Poncho02 lbs.PZO1123Bodywear
Sash, Adventurer's203 lbs. (container)SOSBodywear
Speed sheath101 lb.PZO1140Bodywear
Tabard51 lb.PZO1123Bodywear
Vest-11/2 lb.1PZO9410Bodywear
Vest, barbed104 lbs.PZO1110Bodywear
Vestments, Cleric's56 lbs.1PZO1110Bodywear
Brooch-1-PZO1123Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Caul-1-PZO1123Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Decorative trim-1-PZO1123Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Hennin-11 lb.PZO1123Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Jewelry-1variesPZO9410Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Jewelry, false-1-RotRLPGJewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Locket, Poisoned75-PPC:P&PJewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Perfume/Cologne, common-1-ISWGJewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Perfume/Cologne, exotic-1-ISWGJewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Perfume/Cologne, common (1 dose)1-PCSJewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Perfume/Cologne, rare (1 dose)10-PCSJewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Perfume/Cologne, exotic (1 dose)100-PCSJewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Ring, poison pill-1-PZO9410Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Ring, signet5-PZO1110Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Watch, pocket2501 lbPZO9410Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Tattoo-1-PZO9410Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Backpack, common22 lbs.1PZO1123Bags and Pouches
Backpack, masterwork504 lbs.1PZO1123Bags and Pouches
Bag, waterproof01/2 lb.PZO1123Bags and Pouches
Bandolier0-PZO1123Bags and Pouches
Pocket, inside4-PZO1140Bags and Pouches
Pouch, belt11/2 lb.1PZO1123Bags and Pouches
Pouch, spell components52 lbs.PZO1110Bags and Pouches
Pouch, waist01/2 lb.PZO1140Bags and Pouches
Pouch, war spirit50-PZO1121Bags and Pouches
Sack01/2 lb.1PZO1110Bags and Pouches
Satchel, familiar256 lbs.PZO1123Bags and Pouches
Waterskin14 lbs.1PZO1110Bags and Pouches
Barrel230 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Basket01 lb.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Bottle21 lb.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Box, scroll51 lb.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Bucket02 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Canteen21 lb.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Case, scroll11/2 lb.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Cauldron15 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Cauldron, mithral25012-1/2 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Chest, Small / Small treasure chest-125 lbs.PZO9410/PoISBarrels, Boxes, and Chests
Chest, Medium / Medium treasure chest-150 lbs.PZO1110/PoISBarrels, Boxes, and Chests
Chest, Large / Large treasure chest-1100 lbs.PZO1110/PoISBarrels, Boxes, and Chests
Chest, Huge / Huge treasure chest-1250 lbs.PZO1110/PoISBarrels, Boxes, and Chests
Cooler2560 lbs.?Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Chest, false bottomed5225 lbs.PZO9410Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Coffee pot34 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Coffin, common1030 lbs.1PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Coffin, ornate10050 lbs.1PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Cup1-PZO9410Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Cup, false bottomed1-PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Flask01-1/2 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Flask, hip11/2 lb.1PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Goblet, poisoner's1002 lbs.PPC:P&PBarrels, Boxes, and Chests
Jug09 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Mug/Tankard, clay01 lbs.PZO1110Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Pitcher05 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Pot, iron04 lbs.PZO1110Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Pot, mithral20012 lbs.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Potion Sponge2-PZO1121Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Vial (for ink or potions)1-PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Vial, iron01 lb.PZO1123Barrels, Boxes, and Chests
Aquarium ball8020 lbs.PPC:FFOther Containers
Rockshard canister5025 lbs.MTTOther Containers
Backpack Common22 lbs.?Backpack
Backpack Masterwork504 lbs.?Backpack
Backpack Carrier255 lbs.?Backpack
Backpack Hydration404 lbs.?Backpack
Backpack Weaponrack255 lbs.?Backpack
Cauldron Common15 lbs.?Cauldron
Cauldron Mithral12512-1/2 lbs.?Cauldron
Chest Small225 lbs.?Chest
Chest Medium550 lbs.?Chest
Chest Large10100 lbs.?Chest
Chest Huge25250 lbs.?Chest
False-bottomed5225 lbs.?Chest
Chest Cooler2560 lbs.?Chest
Coffin Common1030 lbs.?Coffin
Coffin Ornate10050 lbs.?Coffin
Focusing Flask7001 lb.PPC:AMMagic Containers
Retort of Control13000-PPC:AMMagic Containers
Vial of Efficacious Medicine700-PPC:AMMagic Containers
Winged Bottle16201 lb.PPC:AMMagic Containers
Armchair-120 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Chair-15 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Coffin, normal-1PCh:PCSFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Coffin, ornate, furniture-1PCh:PCSFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Door, iron-13,200 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Door, stone-12,200 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Door, simple wooden-1150 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Door, good wooden-1225 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Door, strong wooden-1350 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Footstool-12 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Petrified creature-1x8 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Spirits, cask-118 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Spirits, hogshead-1750 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Spirits, keg-190 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Spirits, barrel-1375 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Colossal metal-11,750 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Colossal stone-11,250 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Gargantuan metal-1875 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Gargantuan stone-1625 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Huge metal-1112 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Huge stone-180 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Large metal-114 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Large stone-110 tonsPFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Medium metal-13,500 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Medium stone-12,500 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Small metal-1420 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Statue, Small stone-1300 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Table, banquet-1225 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Table, small-160 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Tapestry-1100 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Workbench-1300 lb.PFSRDFurniture, Statues, & Tapestries
Allspice11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Basil11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Beans01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Cardamom21 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Cheese, wheel01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Chicken, butchered01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Chilies21 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Chocolate, brick101 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Cinnamon11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Citrus01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Cloves11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Coffee beans01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Cumin21 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Dill11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Fennel21 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Flour01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Garlic01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Ginger21 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Honey, bulk11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Maple syrup, bulk11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Mint01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Mustard01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Nutmeg11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Nuts01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Oregano01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Pepper21 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Potatoes01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Rosemary11 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Saffron151 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Salt51 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Sugar01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Tobacco01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Turnips01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Vanilla21 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Wheat01 lb.UEFoods and Spices
Chicken01 live animalCRBLive Animals
Cow101 live animalUELive Animals
Guinea pig01 live animalUELive Animals
Goat11 live animalUELive Animals
Ox151 live animalUELive Animals
Pig31 live animalUELive Animals
Sheep21 live animalUELive Animals
Rat01 live animalUELive Animals
Canvas01 sq. yardCRBTextiles and Furs
Cotton81 sq. yardUETextiles and Furs
Leather, thin01 sq. yardUETextiles and Furs
Leather, thick31 sq. yardUETextiles and Furs
Linen41 sq. yardUETextiles and Furs
Peat020 lbs.UETextiles and Furs
Pelt, beaver21 peltUETextiles and Furs
Pelt, ermine41 peltUETextiles and Furs
Pelt, fox31 peltUETextiles and Furs
Pelt, mink31 peltUETextiles and Furs
Pelt, seal51 peltUETextiles and Furs
Silk101 sq. yardUETextiles and Furs
Wool61 sq. yardUETextiles and Furs
Adamantine3001 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Charcoal020 lbs.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Coal020 lbs.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Cold iron501 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Copper01 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Darkwood101 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Glass11 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Gold501 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Iron01 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Marble51 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Masonry stone01 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Mithral5001 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Platinum5001 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Silver51 lb.UEGlasses, Metals and Woods
Carriage1003 cpUELand Transport
Cart151 cpUELand Transport
Chariot, light502 cpUELand Transport
Chariot, medium1002 cpUELand Transport
Chariot, heavy2002 cpUELand Transport
Dog sled203 cpUELand Transport
Sleigh502 cpUELand Transport
Steam Giant80000n/aUCLand Transport
Wagon, light502 cpUELand Transport
Wagon, medium752 cpUELand Transport
Wagon, heavy1003 cpUELand Transport
Barge1-1n/aUCSea Transport
Galley300001 spUESea Transport
Junk150001 spUESea Transport
Keelboat30001 spUESea Transport
Longship100005 cpUESea Transport
Raft01 cpUESea Transport
Rowboat502 cpUESea Transport
Sailing ship100002 spUESea Transport
Ship's boat5002 cpUESea Transport
Warship250002 spUESea Transport
Airship50000n/aUCAir Transport
Alchemical Dragon100000n/aUCAir Transport
Glider500n/aUCAir Transport
Book, adventurer's chronicle501 lb.PZO9226Books
Book, arcane family workbook3003 lbs.PZO1121Books
Book, blue51 lb.PZO1123Books
Book, cypher1502 lbs.PZO1123Books
Book, footprints503 lbs.PZO1115Books
Book, heritage502 lbs.PZO1123Books
Book, hollow153 lbs.PZO1134Books
Book, journal101 lb.PZO1123Books
Book, obsession log251 lb.PZO1121Books
Book, of letters503 lbs.PZO1123Books
Book, of puzzles501 lb.PZO1129Books
Book, of War Prayers501/2 lb.PZO1129Books
Book, portrait103 lbs.PZO1115Books
Book, dream prophecies7510 lbs.PZO9410Books
Book, traveler's dictionary502 lbs.PZO1123Books
Book, Dungeon Guide ("Grave Journal")4600?PPC:DHBBooks
Book, Dungeon Guide ("Observations of the Drowned City")3500?PPC:DHBBooks
Book, Dungeon Guide ("A Thread Of Silver")6700?PPC:DHBBooks
Spellbook153 lbs.PZO1110Books
Spellbook, compact501 lb.PZO1121Books
Spellbook, traveling101 lb.PZO9410Books
Book Lariat01/2 lb.PZO1129Books
Chalk (1 piece)0-PZO1110Inks and Writing Utensils
Charcoal (1 stick)0-PCS:SOSInks and Writing Utensils
Ink8-PZO1123Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, ghost25-/20PCS:SOSInks and Writing Utensils
Ink, glowing (vial)5-PZO9410Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, invisible (simple)2-PZO9410Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, invisible (average)10-PZO9410Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, invisible (good)25-PZO9410Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, invisible (superior)75-PZO9410Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, light fire (vial)40-?Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, stink51 lb.PZO1121Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, stink (arcane)-11 lb.PZO1121Inks and Writing Utensils
Ink, fire1??PZO1121Inks and Writing Utensils
Inkpen0-PZO1110Inks and Writing Utensils
Chalkboard12 lbs.PZO1115Things to Write, Paint, or Draw On
Paper (1 sheet)0-PZO1115 / PZO9410Things to Write, Paint, or Draw On
Paper, rice (1 sheet)0-PZO1115 / PZO9410Things to Write, Paint, or Draw On
Parchment (1 sheet)0-PZO1115 / PZO1110Things to Write, Paint, or Draw On
Stationery1-PZO9410Things to Write, Paint, or Draw On
Case, map or scroll11/2 lb.PZO1110 / PZO1115Other Writing Supplies and Tools
Pantograph-1?PCS:SOSOther Writing Supplies and Tools
Printing press (1 page)250150 lbs.PZO9410Other Writing Supplies and Tools
Quill, Poisoned30-PPC:P&POther Writing Supplies and Tools
Sealing wax11 lb.PZO1110Other Writing Supplies and Tools
Chain (10 ft.)302 lbs.PZO1123Chains
Chains, breakaway652 lbs.PZO1123Chains
Chain belt151/4 lb.PZO1121Chains
Key, copy1-PZO9410Keys
Key blank, wax151/2 lb.PZO1123Keys
Key, skeleton85-PZO1123Keys
Lock, simple201 lb.PZO1123Locks
Lock, average401 lb.PZO1123Locks
Lock, good801 lb.PZO1123Locks
Lock, superior1501 lb.PZO1123Locks
Manacles, common152 lbs.PZO1123Manacles
Manacles, false652 lbs.PZO1123Manacles
Manacles, masterwork502 lbs.PZO1123Manacles
Manacles, mithral20152 lbs.PZO1123Manacles
Manacles, quickcatch1803 lbs.PZO9455Manacles
Manacle barbs-11 lb.PZO1121Manacles
Fetters152 lbs.PZO1121Manacles
Fetters, masterwork502 lbs.PZO1121Manacles
Kit, alchemist's4024 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, Animal call0-?Kits
Kit, alchemy crafting255 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, antidote1003 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, barbarian's926 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, bard's4133-1/2 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, bounty hunter's (common)10515 lbs.PZO9455Kits
Kit, bounty hunter's (superior)38024 lbs.PZO9455Kits
Kit, breaker's35340 lbs.2PZO9430Kits
Kit, campsite1280 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, cat burglar's1512 lbs.PPC:HotSKits
Kit, cavalier's23112 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, climber's805 lbs.1PZO1123Kits
Kit, chirurgeon's4004 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, chronicler's404-1/2 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, cleric's1632 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, cooking316 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, disguise508 lbs.1PZO1123Kits
Kit, disguise (statue)508 lbs.PPC:HotSKits
Kit, diver's12138 lbs.2PZO9430Kits
Kit, dragonslayer's48564 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, druid's1444 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, dungeoneering kit, common1525 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, dungeoneering kit, deluxe13015 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, entertainer's03 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, fighter's929 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, fishing03 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, forger's2006 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, gambler's kit, common755 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, gambler's kit, cheating3005 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, gear maintenance52 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, ghost hunter's67022 lbs.PZO9444Kits
Kit, gravedigger's26522 lbs.PZO9444Kits
Kit, grooming12 lbs.1PZO1123Kits
Kit, gunslinger's2631 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, gunsmith's152 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, harvester's65-PZO9487Kits
Kit, healer's501 lb.PZO1123Kits
Kit, infiltration14015 lbs.PZO9435Kits
Kit, inquisitor's3034 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, investigator's4037 lbs.PZO1129Kits
Kit, juggler's1510 lbs.1PZO1123Kits
Kit, knight's75117 lbs.DsHKits
Kit, leeching55 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, light1706 lbs.PZO9444Kits
Kit, magi2231 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, mess01 lb.PZO1123Kits
Kit, monk's822 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, mapmaker's102 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, melee contingency15014 lbs.PZO9455Kits
Kit, midwife's102 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, noble's excursion371242 lbs.PZO1140Kits
Kit, oracle's929 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, Out-of-towner's551 lb.PPC:HotSKits
Kit, paladin's1130 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, pathfinder's1222 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, perfume4010 lbs.PZO1134Kits
Kit, pyramid buster's3108 lbs.PZO9444Kits
Kit, pyrography12 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, ranger's928 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, riding kit, common1654 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, riding kit, exotic mount3659 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, rogue's5037 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, scrivener's21 lb.PZO1123Kits
Kit, seance29012 lbs.PZO9444Kits
Kit, shaving11/2 lb.PZO1123Kits
Kit, shifter's937 lbs.PZO1140Kits
Kit, signal kite-1PZO1121Kits
Kit, skald's3747-1/2 lbs.PZO1129Kits
Kit, skeleton slayer's12032 lbs.PZO9444Kits
Kit, snakebite201/2 lb.PZO1140Kits
Kit, Spy14012-1/2 lbs.PPC:HotSKits
Kit, Spycatcher's2607-1/2 lbs.PPC:HotSKits
Kit, sorcerer's819 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, spelunking17432 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, summoner's819 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, survival kit, common54 lbs. 4PZO1123Kits
Kit, survival kit, masterwork505 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, symptom255 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, tanner's105 lbs.PZO1140Kits
Kit, tracker's56333 lbs.DsHKits
Kit, trailscent105 lbs.PZO1121Kits
Kit, trapper's26390 lbs.2PZO9430Kits
Kit, trickster's47423 lbs.DsHKits
Kit, troll slayer's3017 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, undead slayer's4027 lbs.PZO1123Kits
Kit, undeath aid5001/2 lb.PZO9444Kits
Kit, vampire slayer's5008 lbs.PZO1121Kits
Kit, veterinarian's251 lb.PZO1123Kits
Kit, vigilante's822 lbs.PZO1134Kits
Kit, warpriest's1631 lbs.PZO1129Kits
Kit, Watchman's310 lbs.PPC:HotSKits
Kit, witch's2121 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, wizard's2121 lbs.2PZO1123Kits
Kit, zombie slayer's17031 lbs.PZO9444Kits
Thieves' Ring300-PZO9430Kits
Tools, Artisan's, common55 lbs.PZO1123Tools
Tools, Artisan's, masterwork555 lbs.PZO1123Tools
Tools, Surgeon's205 lbs.1PZO1123Tools
Thieves' tools, common301 lb.PZO1123Tools
Thieves' tools, concealable1901/2 lb.PZO1134Tools
Thieves' tools, masterwork1002 lbs.PZO1123Tools
Thieves' tools, extenders (common)703 lbs.PZO9430Tools
Thieves' tools, extenders (mithral)8201-1/2 lbs.PZO9430Tools
Abacus22 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Acrobat's pillar5040 lbs.PZO9455Individual or Special Tools
Anvil510-100 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Armor truss3010 lbs.PZO9455Individual or Special Tools
Arrow, grappling11/2 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Astrolabe10006 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Bellows13 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Block and tackle55 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Boline102 lbs.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Bombchucker121 lb.PRG:MCIndividual or Special Tools
Bridge, portable20060 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Buoy, common, tool016 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Buoy, superior, tool1030 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Cap, tinker2004 lbs..PZO9430Individual or Special Tools
Cap, vigil4004 lbs.PZO9430Individual or Special Tools
Cosmogram2001/2 lb.PZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Crowbar25 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Dissipating fan1506 lbs.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Drill01 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Ear trumpet52 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Earplugs0-PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Filter hood104 lbs.1PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Flint and steel1-PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Glass cutter5-PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Glove, Metal12010 lbs.PZO9430Individual or Special Tools
Goggles, smoked, tool10-PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Hammer02 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Handle harness2510 lbs.PZO9455Individual or Special Tools
Hook, grappling, common14 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Hook, grappling, mithral20012 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Hourglass (1 hour)251 lb.PZO1115Individual or Special Tools
Hourglass (1 minute)201/2 lb.PZO1115Individual or Special Tools
Hourglass (6 seconds)10-PZO1115Individual or Special Tools
Lab, alchemist's20040 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Lab, alchemist's (portable)7520 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Crucible2030 lbs.PZO9445Individual or Special Tools
Filter51/2 lb.PZO9445Individual or Special Tools
Retort21/2 lb.PZO9445Individual or Special Tools
Ladder020 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Ladder, folding, tool216 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Lure, fake area map25-PZO9432Individual or Special Tools
Lure, fake coins5-PZO9432Individual or Special Tools
Orrery, Calculating tellurium-1200 gpPZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Orrery, Standard-1750 gpPZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Orrery, Grand-11,000 gpPZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Orrery, Calculating standard-11,500 gpPZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Orrery, Calculating grand-12,000 gpPZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Periscope204 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Piton01/2 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Plank, collapsible010 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Pole08 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Pole, balancing012 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Pole, folding010 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Portable terrarium1004 lbs.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Ram, Portable1020 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Saw02 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Scabbard, false-bottomed451 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Scale, merchant's21 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Sewing needle0-PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Sextant5002 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Shears (small)01/2 lb.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Shears (lopping)38 lbs.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Shears (adamantine)30038 lbs.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Shield sconce11/2 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Shovel, common28 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Shovel, folding1012 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Sledge110 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Spike, iron01 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Spyglass10001 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Stretcher110 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Surefoot training blocks5025 lbs.PZO9455Individual or Special Tools
Telescope (x10 magnification/+2)200012 lbs.PZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Telescope (x50 magnification/+4)400023 lbs.PZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Telescope (x250 magnification/+6)800044 lbs.PZO9449Individual or Special Tools
Tool, masterwork501 lb.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Trap, bear210 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Trap, bear (offset)310 lbs.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Trap, bear (sawtooth)180020 lbs.PZO9481Individual or Special Tools
Trap, decoy pressure switch60-PZO9432Individual or Special Tools
Trap, decoy trap door120-PZO9432Individual or Special Tools
Trap, decoy trip wire25-PZO9432Individual or Special Tools
Trap, trapped disguise kit508 lbs.PZO9432Individual or Special Tools
Trap, trapped scroll case401 lb.PZO9432Individual or Special Tools
Umbrella/parasol23 lbs.PZO1123Individual or Special Tools
Waster (training weapon)1variesPZO9455Individual or Special Tools
Heretic's fork101 lb.PZO1135Torture Implements
Iron maiden500300 lbs.PZO1135Torture Implements
Rack300500 lbs.PZO1135Torture Implements
Rat cage515 lbs.PZO1135Torture Implements
Thumbscrew151 lb.PZO1135Torture Implements
Thumbscrew, masterwork501 lb.PZO1135Torture Implements
Trephine201 lb.PZO1135Torture Implements