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Welcome to The Clinking Coin

Welcome to The Clinking Coin. This blog goes hand in hand with our main website The Treasury. This first post is about why we decided to make the site, and some interesting points along the way.

I am Eric and am the chief programer here. You will get to meet the others in future posts. This all started in one of our pathfinder games when I was asked to keep track of the treasure our group found in the adventure. Normally I do the maps and initative. So I started tracking it all in a spreadsheet. I worked out one that worked well for me. It was great for tracking the values of items and who had what and what we sold vs. what we kept and and what percent of full value. There was a problem with it however. Working out the prices of items was a pain. Looking up the prices even of fixed price items was too slow and took too much time away from game.

So I looked for a solution online. I didn’t find anything I liked, several things were part of a solution, but none of them satisfied me. Eventually I realized if I wanted a solution I liked I would have to write it and put it out there myself. The Treasury is the result of that drive. It took a lot of effort to get here and some of my friends put in their personal time to help. What we have here is a colabrative effort. This is the start of what we plan to bring out. There are many more features to come.

In future posts I will discuss some of the already existing features of the site and how to use them.